Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Dark Blue’

I just can’t get enough of this cobalt blue! This rich deep color is perfect not only with the soft pinks and lavenders of early spring, but the vivid oranges and yellows of summer.  And yes, I did say summer! I know we normally plant Lobelia erinus here in the early part of the spring, before the real heat sets in. Older, seed-grown varieties of lobelia tended to give up the ghost in May or June when it really feels like summer. But this series, Techno Heat, is much more heat-tolerant. If given proper care, you can ease into July and August with Techno Heat.

Lobelia ‘Techno Heat Dark Blue’ is a moderately trailing plant that is ideally suited for containers. Although you can plant it in the flowerbed with other spring annuals, it really shines in hanging baskets or spilling out of the edges of pots. Containers provide better drainage during our intense spring downpours and allow you to keep the soil more evenly moist.

Right now, when the sun is not that strong, lobelia thrives in your sunniest location, but as the spring progresses, I find it does better with light shade in the afternoon. (Don’t we all?) If planted in full sun, pay particular attention to watering. Don’t allow lobelia to dry out completely between waterings. Keep the soil a little on moist side and you’ll have this vivid blue to keep you company until the end of summer!

Lobelia erinus 'Techno Heat Dark Blue'

Lobelia erinus ‘Techno Heat Dark Blue’


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